Yumba-Meta Housing Association provides housing and support to the most disadvantaged people in the Townsvile region. 


Yumba-Meta Housing Association Ltd (YMHAL) is a not for profit organisation established in 1973.

Yumba-Meta Housing Association provides long-term, medium term and short term secure and affordable accommodation and support services to disadvantaged people of the Townsville region.

Yumba-Meta Housing Association was established to provide suitable accommodation for the growing indigenous population of the Townsville region. Ernest Hoolihan is the founder and current board member of the organisation. He believes that Indigenous people have the right to equality of housing. The organisation purchased houses throughout Townsville which enabled Indigenous people to live in any suburb. This broke down barriers and allowed indigenous and non-Indigenous people to live together.

Yumba-Meta provides housing, support services and also a property developer. Any profit made by the organisation is invested back into the community to assist improve lives for vonverable people.